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Informal Settlement, Keneta, Albania

Keneta is an informal settlement of at least 30-35 thousand people. It is a dramatic example of the high degree of migration in Albania: since the start of the post-Communist era people have been moving from the mountains to the cities, where they hope to find jobs and education. They build houses on the periphery of the cities: the settlements have no public infrastructure, and the settlers have no citizens' rights.
The ultimate aim of the project Steps towards the urban rehabilitation and integration of the communities in the informally developed neighbourhood of Keneta, Durres is to create an integration model for an informal settlement.
The Albanian NGO Co-Plan www.co-plan.org is implementing the project, with financial and professional support from Austria. Sibylla Zech / stadtland and Helmut Koch / komobile are the consultants for the project. Already back in 1998 and 1999 they have designed and executed a training program for 30 Albanian urban planners, with whom they worked together on various thematic areas including informal and dynamic urbanization.

The expected results of the pilot project are:
Preparation of an Urban Plan for the area, including capacity building of the
local government community through the urban planning process with community participation
Preparation of Guidelines on Legalisation.
Direct interventions in infrastructure, through co-financed community projects.
Preparation of a Neighbourhood Development Agenda.


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For further information: sibylla.zech@stadtland.at